Connect 1:1

A group design and build project focused on producing one to one models.

Connect 1:1 was a joint group project between two departments within the Glasgow School of Art (Product Design Engineering and the Mackintosh School of Architecture). For the project, each group of four received a brief to design a structural building element, in my groups case a lightweight vertical element, and was then required to create a one to one scale model of a section of the element or the entire part.
The two images above and the image below show some of the phases of the design process that I've learned to apply though out my time at University. The first image shows some of the problem definition and analysis while the second image illustrates some concept sketching and idea generation. 
The image below also highlights how as a product design engineer, a key stage of the process is to research and look to see how you can use things around you and existing technologies to solve your specific problem.
The image above is an example of prototyping - in this case we used scale models to determine proof of concept and evaluates methods of joins and assembly.
A key part of this project was to produce a one to one model of our design and this was part of the reason this was one of my favourite projects. I enjoy doing hands on practical work as well as designing and found this project particularly rewarding. Another reason I enjoyed this project was that I was part of a very effective and cohesive team which helped us produce something very memorable. 
The images above and below also help to illustrate how engineering is such a key part of what I do as a designer. This finite element analysis and technical drawing were used to demonstrate the properties of the design. These are tools that I have learned to use to communicate my ideas and understanding to others.
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